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  • Rabi Island — Rabi (pronounced|rambi) is a volcanic island in northern Fiji. It is an outlier to Taveuni (5 kilometers west), in the Vanua Levu Group. It covers an area of 66.3 square kilometers, reaching a maximum altitude of 463 meters and has a shoreline of …   Wikipedia

  • Rabi — may refer to: * Rabi crop, spring harvest in India * Rabi cycle, in physics is the cyclic behaviour of a two state quantum system in the presence of an oscillatory driving field. See: Isidor Isaac Rabi * Rabi Island, volcanic island in northern… …   Wikipedia

  • Rabí — Rabí …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Rabi (Fidschi) — Rabi Kartenskizze von Rabi mit Dörfern Gewässer Pazifischer Ozean Inselgruppe …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Rabi`ah — ( ar. ربيعة) purported patriarch of one of the two main branches of the so called North Arabian (Adnanite) tribes, the other branch being known as Mudhar.According to the classical Arab genealogists, the following were the most important branches …   Wikipedia

  • Rabi' al-awwal — ( ar. ربيع الأول) is the third month in the Islamic calendar. Muhammad is considered by Sunni Muslims to have been born on the twelfth of this month, and many Muslims celebrate the Mawlid on this day. Shi a Muslims believe him to have been born… …   Wikipedia

  • Rabi Peerzada — (also spelled as Rabi Pirzada ), is a Pakistani pop singer. She was born in Quetta on February 3, but natively belongs to Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. She is a daughter of Ex Pak army officer Major Humayoon Peerzada . Intrusting fact about her… …   Wikipedia

  • Rabi' al-Abrar — wa nusus al Akhbar ( ar. ربيع الأبرار و نصوص الأخبار) [http://fadakbooks.com/rabalwanosal.html] are classical books written about Islam by Mu tazili Islamic Scholar Zamakhshari [ [http://www.salaam.co.uk/knowledge/biography/viewentry.php?id=1757… …   Wikipedia

  • Rabi' al-thani — Rabi’ al Thani ( ar. ربيع الثاني, the second [month] of spring ) is the fourth month in the Islamic Calendar. It is also known as Rabi ul Akhir ( ar. ربيع الآخر, the last [month] of spring ).TimingThe Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, and… …   Wikipedia

  • Rabi ibn Sabra — Rabi ibn Sabrah al Juhani (Arabic: ربيع بن سبرة الجهني) was among the narrators of hadith. His father (Sabrah ibn Ma bad) is one of the companions of Muhammad, thus he was a Tabi‘in Tahdhib al Tahdhib] .Rabi lived in Madina. His hadith is… …   Wikipedia

  • RABI, ISIDOR ISAAC — (1898–1988), U.S. physicist and Nobel Prize winner. Rabi was born at Rymanow, Austro Hungary, and taken to the United States when he was a year old. He became a tutor in physics at City College, New York, and won fellowships to various European… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism